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Covert Surveillance Videos

It’s sad if it does become necessary for travelers to take additional precautions not to become victimized by their hosts.

Particularily in the “upper price range” one would not expect such need. … would HOPE that one would be able to enjoy ones vacation without having to schlepp all valuables along or risk to be victimized at ones own place of stay.

One of the reasons to pay that little extra for “Self Catering Apartments” surely is, that they offer even more of that feeling to be “home away from home” – the feeling of safety and security including.

The shock is that much greater when you have to find out what I had to find out, during my 3 week stay at the Reefview Apartments of Nick and Carole Williams, Antigua in January 2016

What I have captured on video is disgusting, shocking, appalling inexcusable and, at least in my humble opinion, would be more than enough reason for the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to close that place asap down to send a very clear message to everybody in the hospitality industry of Antigua:
“Don’t fu** with the confidence of our main source of income! We will not tolerate anything like that, ever!”

I trust “the powers that be” will not hesitate to take appropriate action on a matter that sensitive.

To see what I am talking about, just follow this link to the “Video-Page” of this website.

(Other, independent links to video-footage about ReefviewApartments)

Carole Williams Touring with strangers thru apartments rented to guests

Captain Nick Snooping around in Reefview Apartment guest accomodation:

Carole (Karoll) Williams snooping and prying on guests personal documents

Update: 04 March 2016
We have so much footage that has been recorded during the stay at this hell-hole run by thieves and crooks that we still are sorting thru the material …. again and again finding new surprises!
So, stay tuned, we will publish more videos in the coming weeks – and rest assured that we will not rest before this place is closed and can do no further harm to tourists like you and me.

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