The Antigua -"Psycho"(*)- Hotel

Intro: Reefview Apartments

I have spent many years living in various countries around the globe and have been traveling extensively all my life…..

…..but I have never ever encountered anything remotely as horrifying, appalling, disgusting, misrepresented, misleading and thieving(!) as I have at

[aka “The Antigua-Psycho*-Hotel”]
in Cades Bay, St.Mary’s Parish,

….run by an incredible greedy, respectless, intrucive, lying, racialistic white supremacist couple by the name of

CAROL (or “KALLIPSO KAROL”) WILLIAMS – 60 years of age
NICK WILLIAMS – her husband and 20 years her junior

To put it very simply: These people are thieves, crooks, fraudsters and if you go there, you’ll become a victim too. As simple as that.

But you don’t need to take my word for it!

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Welcoming to the ever growing group of websites dedicated to shutting these thieves and crooks, this “Psycho-Couple” at the ReefviewApartments down for good: 2 more websites! …and countless entries of people already starting to be alerted.
Good! Criminals need to be shut down – ESPECIALLY if being protected like even bigger criminals like Tripadvisor, VRBO and the whole lot.

You guys think you can shut me up?
Think again.

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