The Antigua -"Psycho"(*)- Hotel

The (*) “PSYCHO” – Reference:

A dear (and much younger) friend of mine has alerted me to the (disturbing!) fact, that many people today don’t even associate the “Psycho”-reference I am making here, to that incredible movie by Alfred Hitchcock!
(yaiks! – Go, people, watch it! B/W but still fantastic!)
Anyways, without being a spoiler to those who have not seen the movie (yet):

  1. The story revolves around an “odd couple”, her twenty years older than him (! *hint*hint*) – but in the movie you get the feeling that she must be his “mother” – Hitchcock, being the grand master he was, really left that open to speculation.
  2. That “odd couple” runs a “run-down-Motel” (next *hint*hint*)
  3. They are spying and prying on their guests and violating their privacy obviously quite habitually
    (being the next *hint*hint*)
  4. The main character even resembles Nick Williams somewhat – but in the movie the guy is the “main-bad-guy” (well, that movie was made prior to the womans-lib-movement *smile*). So I guess this is where it does deviate a bit from the reefview-apartments in Antigua, where I’d tend to see Carole to be the “loose cannon”…. But then: Who knows, Nick really is the “quiet type” – just very much like the guy in the Hitcock-movie.
  5. Ultimately the “spying & prying evolves into a major crime: Murder!, …including the world-famous “murder-scene”. ….Well, of course, even so the spying & prying at Reefview also long since has morphed into (potentially) serious crimes they have not (at least not yet) committed murder (at least not that I would know of?)
    ……But maybe this website, my speaking up, might even prevent the situation at reefview-apartments to evolve into a murderous one like in the original “Psycho”-movie? Who knows?

Anyways: You see, dubbing “Reefview Apartments of Nick and Carole Williams in Antigua the “Antigua-Psycho-Hotel” is not really that far fetched…..

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