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Of course you are more than welcome to contact me if you have any observations, evidence or other facts you’d want to contribute to the case I am setting off to make against that “odd renegade couple”.
Maybe you actually did check your Credit-Card statement after returning from a stay at Reefview Apartments and noticed something you, at that time, disregarded as “Nahh, that can’t be! They are such a nice couple….” ?
Maybe the information on this website made you think again…..

But: Please do refrain from sending me stuff about “how wrong” I must have gotten everything:

  • (a) The videos speak a more than clear language that I did not get anything “wrong” at all and that this can also not be a question of “misunderstandings”. … PLUS I have been there, am a VERY observing person with extremely sensitive “antennas” and there is a lot more than one can catch on tape.
  • (b) If you find yourself with the incredible urge to never the less try to persuade me that “I got it all wrong” because you also had stayed there and are actually one of the many hundreds of visitors who wrote a “positive review” on the Reefview …. you might want to read the words about “The Positive Feedback Phenomenon” again (Link in the menu), and ask yourself if I couldn’t be spot on with that analysis after all.

And don’t get me wrong!
There is nothing wrong with giving in into those “happiness hormones”! But they do make even the best of us “vulnerable” in a very unusual way and I simply believe that it is the darn duty of those who are blessed with being able to live in such wonderful surroundings on a year round basis (and who after all are making a darn good living off our “happiness hormones”), to be extremely protective of this vulnerability of ours – and not abuse it in a shrewd way like Nick and Carole Williams very obviously do.

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