Reefviewapartments, AntiguaI have spent many years living in various countries around the globe and have been traveling extensively all my life…..

…..but I have never ever encountered anything remotely as horrifying, appalling, disgusting, misrepresented and misleading as I have at:

in Cades Bay, St.Mary’s Parish,

….run by an incredible greedy, lying, thieving(!), racialistic white supremacist couple by the name of

CAROL (or “KALIPSO KAROLL”) WILLIAMS – 60 years of age
NICK WILLIAMS – her husband and 20 years her junior

But you don’t need to take my word for it!

On this website I will not only correctly explain what really to expect when checking into that rip-off joint with:

  • true and non-photo-shopped pictures showing the place and its location & surroundings
  • why you seriously are in danger when staying at that property or accepting one of their “tour-/ excursion” offerings.
  • genuine video-footage of how ignorantly they not only invade the privacy of the apartments they did rent to you!
  • genuine video-footage of how they actually give “tours” of apartments rented by you to strangers in your absence!
  • explaining how they will squeeze you at every opportunity for some extra profit
  • showing you further hidden surveillance cam footage how they actually take pictures of their guests highly confidential papers, information and even steal from their guests! etc
  • iron clad evidence from video-surveillance cameras
    (they don’t even stop short of even flat out stealing (some of) your money!)
  • ….and I will explain to you, why they still have some positive feedback at platforms like Tripadvisor – and this is not because all their guest would be “stupid”….

Just check out the pictures and video-footage I have compiled for you and judge for yourself…..

But: If you plan to “bitch at me” yet lone decide to point fingers in the wrong direction – please make sure that you did READ and UNDERSTAND really the ENTIRE(!) contents of this website!
(And, yes, I know, it’s a lot of text – but it is intended to INFORM ….and with “information” there is no “cutting corners”, no “abbreviating”, no “simplifying”.
Once you start to comprehend the true monstrosity of my findings of what is -and most likely has been- going on at “Reefview Apartments” I am quite certain you will know in “what direction to point your fingers.” (Or to at least know which place to definitely stay away from)…..

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