Inevitable Dog Shit all over Reefview PropertyThe truth about the LOCATION:

“Reef View”… that does sound really good, right?
What a great byline: “…..with Stunning Panoramic Ocean Views”
Which seems to get confirmed with that main-picture they are advertising with?

Thanks to Photoshop any building can be moved really close to the beach!Located, right behind that first line of mangroves, right? ……….Weeeeeeeell….
……….NOT really.
It’s pretty easy to judge for yourself if you have a look at the property’s location on google earth – which would look something like that:
Either Google Earth is Lying - or the owners of the Reef View Apartments in Antigua
Does that look like the “official picture” (above) could be genuine?

Next: When you look at the neighborhood of “ReefviewApartments” you will notice the property is very small, just some 800m² (~ 8600 squ.feet), acessible only via an unpaved dirt-road and constricted & enclosed by numerous local residences, and….
Constriced Location of Reefview Apartments, Antigua
A: Uerlings Elementary School
B: Day-Care Center for Pre-School Kids
C: “Coco Rose” Guest House -and- “Reception Hall” (*1)
D: The tiny beach, – if yo want to swim you have to wade out far over dead coral-heads

(*1) If you like to stay with the (truly great!) locals, check out “Coco-Rose” (
=> Their occasional receptions (weddings) will effect you there as much as they will effect you when staying at the Reef-View-Apartments …..but:
=> At least it is directly next to the Beach!
=> Their prices are at an average less than half of what Mrs. Carole and Mr. Nick Williams are charging for their clustered place.

And: If you, like me, are allergic to racial slurs and the supremacist attitude from people like Nick and Carole – you’ll also feel much more comfortable, truly & honestly welcome and at home when staying at the Coco Rose.

Back to the “Reefview-Apartments”…
So how about the “view” in general?
I mean after all, one of the “punch-lines” of Nick & Caroll for Reefview Apartments being:
“…..with Stunning Panoramic Ocean Views”
Hmm, that may be the case if you’d be hovering in an Helicopter above their property but truth be told:

They offer 3 different apartments:

A.: ….a “Two Story Beach Loft Cottage”
…sure does sound impressive, albeit – as you have seen in the picture of the location above, it is not at all, not anywhere NEAR “the Beach”.
Misleading Advertising in it’s purest.
The view from the ground floor is either to Carol’s laundry-lines, the junk they are piling under their property (see Video-Evidence) or on the other side into the neighbor’s kitchen garden.
& from the upper floor of reefviewapartments?
The windows which from you might catch a faint glimps of the sea in the distance are right where the stairs to the lower floor are, and the other windows right next to it, are so low that you could only look out of them if you did bend down – and then your view would be that of the neighbor’s (albeit impressive!) Mango-tree.
Summary: The “Cottage” has NOTHING to do with “beach” and no sea-views worth mentioning.
So: Misleading and Deceptive Advertising.

B.: Apartment one (lower floor)
All windows are facing either: Onto the rear terrace of the “Cottage” – or the tiny access-way between the two buildings – or into the neighbor’s kitchen garden – or onto Carol’s junk-storage underneath her personal building – or onto some shrubs approx 1.5m / 5 feet from the terrace.
End of story.
Reefview? Seaview? …or at least “Beach-View”? Nope, Absolutely Nothing.
Some of the properties located in the middle of the Island offer better views, – for WAY LESS money!
So: Misleading and Deceptive Advertising.

C.: Ah, but there still is the “crown-jewel”, the upper-floor apartment (careful: Very! slippery tiled outside stairs leading up to that apartment! Remember: There is no insurance covering you if you slip & fall & hurt yourself)
What do Nick & Carol have to say about that Apartment?
“Apartment with grand ocean views…..” and with their own promotional pictures it sure does look that way – now doesn’t it?

Official Promotional Picture used by Reefview Apartments

Official Promotional Picture used by Reefview Apartments

Yeah, right!
That picture could be “true” if it looked like that:

That wont work either, btw - in the least because of a huge Mango-Tree being in the way

That wont work either, btw – in the least because of a huge Mango-Tree being in the way

But what about this picture here? One that is being published over and over on their promotional pages and that Carole Williams even sends to potential guests via email:

Official promotional Picture of Reefview-Apartments

Official promotional Picture of Reefview-Apartments

One can see that there obviously is only one short winding walking-path down to the beach?!

Do you remember the Google-Earth view above? The one that looked like this:
Either Google Earth is Lying - or the owners of the Reef View Apartments in Antigua
So the “promotional ones” simply can’t be anything else but (again):
Misleading and Deceptive Advertising!

But,…. Well,… I’d suggest we let the pictures do the talking, all of them taken from the terrace of that very same “Apartment with grand ocean views” (albeit not with your “promotional deception” in mind) :

Genuine Picture taken from the terrace of the upstairs apartment in January 2016

Genuine Picture taken from the terrace of the upstairs apartment in January 2016


The very same Apartment they are advertising with "Grand Ocean Vistas".

The very same Apartment they are advertising with “Grand Ocean Vistas”.

And consequently feel entitled to charge actually more than many of the Ocean-Front properties in Antigua!

What? So NO OCEAN VIEWS (yet alone “grand”) at all?

Genuine Picture taken from same terrace in January 2016

Genuine Picture taken from same terrace in January 2016

….well, if that qualifies in your opinion for “grand ocean views”?
To my eye this is: Misleading and Deceptive Advertising.

Now, are you ready for some more pictures, I am sure Nick and Carol don’t want you to see?

The regal drive up to that $ 200.00 ++ accomodation

The regal drive up to that $ 200.00++ per night accomodation

The unpaved dirt road leading down to the beach (those faint pieces of blue in the distance)

Next door neighbor 1: Preschool kids....

Next door neighbor 1: Preschool kids….

The todler day-care center right behind ReefviewApartments – hopefully you don’t care too much for sleeping in during your vacations?

Next door neighbor 2: Elementary School Kids

Next door neighbor 2: Elementary School Kids

The elementary- or primary-school just off that very same dirt road – did I already ask you if you like sleeping in during your vacations?

Next door neighbor 3: "The Main Church "

Next door neighbor 3: “The Main Church “

Sundays 6:00 am the services at the main church of Uerlings start – lots of singing included that drifts straight across to “Reefview-Apartments”.
Actually that’s the least of all problems with Reefview Apartments.
Antiguans simply are quite God-fearing people and the singing really is beautiful!
(Other than that, that car wreck in the foreground really is ugly – but, hey, that’s the Caribbean! You either love it, or just don’t go there.)

Next door neighbor #4

Next door neighbor #4

And if you still want to go and stay at these “Reefview” 🙂 apartments, even after watching the video footage of the rather criminal owners, that huge semi-derelict building will show you where to make your turn. (You can’t miss it).

I almost forgot!
In addition to everything else I told you on this website, showed you with pictures and video-footage, you also should love animals in general and dogs in particular.

Not only are there some 10 dogs spread among all the neighbor’s – all of which are rather “communicative” 24/7 but Nick and Carol also have two dogs of their own. Unfortunately Carol most of the time is soooo busy with delivering her sales-pitches to guests, her daily(!) “Yoga-Classes”, “dance-classes” and “shadow-boxing” classes (and keeping herself busy with libel and slander against those she has wronged and stolen from etc.) that one just can’t blame her for simply not having the time to ever(!) walk these dogs – so they simply have no other option but to pi** and sh*t all over the place….

Inevitable if you simply never walk your dogs...

Inevitable if you simply never walk your dogs…

Tread carefully, especially if you return after dark!

And then of course there is that old and blind Parrot with the broken wings she claims to be “training” by tossing that poor fellow around while sitting on her hand – but Carolle just loves to present herself as a “do-gooder” and “environmentalist”. *roll-eye*
(Nothing wrong with that, …..if it would be true!)

The "Reefview-Apartments - Parrot"

The “Reefview-Apartments – Parrot”

Tread carefully, you never know when the bugger pulls one of his “cage-escape-stunts” and, being blind, he then obviously attacks what- & whoever get’s in his way.

So, whenever dealing with that Parrot, keep in mind, that Nick and Carole don’t carry ANY insurance at Reefview Apartments.

Other than that, set aside a felt “half million” of tiny tree-frogs that sound all night long like hinges in urgent need of lots of WD40, there also are 5 cats populating the property together with the guests. You better don’t suffer from Cat allergies because needless to say, cats simply can’t be impressed by “house rules” like those “not to enter guest’s-apartments” (that privilege Carol and Nick only grant to themselves)
But generally all these cats are not a problem – except of course when one of them starts to be in heat….
One of the many (semi-wild & shy) cats on the property...

And last not least, you might want to take a good look at the odd couple – that as I have just learned this very moment – actually do have the audacity to tell my friends in Antigua that I have left without paying for my room.
So you better make damn sure not to give them one cent without getting a receipt immediately, and to carefully hang on to any such receipt, don’t agree with them on anything unless you have it in writing and make sure that you are carefully watching over your valuables whenever those two are in sight:

Carole Williams and her husband Nick Williams owners & operators of Reefview Apartments, Antigua

Carole Williams and her husband Nick Williams owners & operators of Reefview Apartments, Antigua

Maybe a better idea yet: Stay else where and save yourself a lot of trouble (and most likely money).

I mean it quite obvious that Reefview-Apartments is NOTHING what they make you think they are, their location can not even remotely live up to their intentionally deceptive (which really should read: fraudulent) promotion and if you’d throw in the prices they are charging no need for any further word should be needed?

Prices? What’s wrong with their prices?
Well: Carole simply loves to mention her Reefview Apartments within the same breath she also throws in names and locations like the Carlisle Bay or the Keyonna while ranting about their “absurd rates” simply skipping over the facts that the only thing her place has in common with those places is, that they both are on the same Island.
The Keyonna i.e. not only is an “All Inclusive” resort with each tastefully decorated bungalow featuring it’s own private pool, extremely attentive and friendly staff hoovering around the guests almost 24/7, a fantastic world class Chef by the name of Hakeem (who’s creations of course also are included in these allegedly “absurd rates”) but most of all they actually DO have a LOCATION directly ON the beach!
And with a property not offering ANY of the services these places do and also not even being close enough to the beach to call themselves “just-off-the-beach” charging between 30% and 50% of the rates charged by these places, actually is an obscenity.

Why on earth would you settle for the fraudulent and misleading, deceptive misrepresentation of Carol’s and actually PAY to stay THERE?

Especially since her rates are no where near of those of “comparable” other properties.
Just check out the “links”-page where I intend to introduce a number of properties offering WAY better “value for (the same-or even less) money” (and: “no!” – I have no personal ties with any of them!)
OK, now let’s assume all of the above is not enough to truly put you off?

Check out our “Video” pages – and unless you are a true masochist with strong tendencies to self-punishment and self-destruction you’d rather stay at home for ever and ever than actually throw your money down the greedy and thieving(!) throats of Nick and Carol Williams at their ReefviewApartments and Cottages …….

Be aware and cautious of the all the “raving and glowing positive reviews” at pages like Tripadvisor, VRBO and the likes!
(A) They simply don’t publish negativ reports – like ours – despite the pretty much “iron clad proof” of the horrendous things that happen at ReefviewApartments as we have offered with this website.
(How much more “iron clad proof” than Videos could one expect or want?!) … and
(B) Do read them carefully, while “tuning your antennas” to the repetition of the same phrases, to how sentences are structured, to the terms (especially of praise!) that are being used (etc.) …and you will come to the same conclusion:
“Most of these glowing reports must have been written by the SAME PERSON!”

But, I did take it a step further and asked an highly esteemed University Professor for English and Linguistics to have a look at these praising reviews: And he concluded that almost 90% of those reviews he randomly chose to have a closer look, most likely have been written by the same person. (Carole Williams! of course!)
For more on that, please see: Positive Feedback?

I sure do hope that someone at some point – who will also become victim of these people at ReefviewApartments – will actually hold Tripadvisor and VRBO etc liable for withholding such crucial evidence that could have saved someone from suffering serious harm.