Tripadvisor an accessory to the crimes committed by places like Reefview Apartments?

What a clever logo! An Owl! It really should be a Hyena!

The Positive Feedback Phenomenon?

ANTIGUA is an unbelievably beautiful place with truly wonderful and lovable people.

Most tourists – of course including those who made the mistake of booking at “Reefview Apartments” – travel to the Islands at a time of year when it is cold, and Grey, and nasty, and wet etc. at home, when snow has been blowing thru the streets of your home towns and the general mood tends to be miserable……

Naturally, upon arriving at a place full of sunshine, bright Caribbean colors, smiling people and incredible vistas of the sea after only a few hours of flight-time, sheer happiness does take over and we tend to let our guard down.

Suddenly EVERYTHING seems to be simply “wonderful” and the last thing that would cross our minds is, to maintain the (rather healthy!) guard of common sense all of us long since have learned to exercise at home.

So when bubbly, chatty and seemingly friendly CAROLE / KAROLL WILLIAMS (who also calls herself “Kalipso Karoll”) hits the doorstep and just doesn’t stop talking, it’s easy to mistake her babbling for “harmless & friendly advice” ….but don’t be fooled: It’s nothing but a continuous sales pitch and will result in her going and collecting a “commission” from her brokering. Maybe even while you are being grateful for her giving you a “free ride” to where she convinced you to go.

To Carole and Nick simply everything – and the only thing – they “care” about is their own personal profit and they truly and honestly give a “flying fart” about your needs and desires.

And Carole is “good”, really, really good in talking anyone straight out of their common sense…..
(and even I at times was close to actually agreeing on going on some tour I really had no desire going on, just as a way to make her shut up without having to be rude….)

Whenever you are at REEFVIEWAPARTMENTS & “Cottages” Carole will be hovering somewhere close by. Easy; Nick and her are living right there with you on the same (rather small) property and Carole “Kalipso Karoll” Williams will continue talking until you at least leave for the (fairly small and “useless”) beach ….but not because she cares, but because once everyone is gone to somewhere Carole knows they wont return from any time soon, she has all the time in the world to start snooping around in your room and your personal belongings.
Just watch the videos I have taken with “hidden surveillance cameras” and ask yourself:
“Does that look like someone feeling bad about what she is doing because this would be a totally unusual exception to her normal behavior – or does it look like someone who does that on a regular basis”?

People, Tourists like you and me, simply are too happy to have escaped the cold and nasty weather at home, to exercise caution …..happiness prevails, and after all, “rightfully so”, because isn’t it some happiness what we all travel to Antigua for?

And during that rush of “happiness hormones” nobody can blame you for not being sensitive, for not seeing the cheap grand scheme behind the show Carole Williams is pulling off at her Antigua Reefview Apartments.

By the time your hormones would find back to function “properly” for most people it is “Vacation Over” and so they fly back home, without ever having paused for a moment to ask themselves if their privacy might have been compromised, or to waste a second thought why it seems as if they had spent more of their cash than they thought they did……
(Simply, because they did not! Carole just did help herself to some of her guest’s stash – just like she did with me, ….the only difference being, that travelers have not yet discovered the benefit to protect their belongings with hidden surveillance cameras – even so these cameras come in so many forms and sizes, being virtually undetectable and so cheap that I can only recommend to buy a few and make it a habit of taking them with you, to protect yourself, wherever you go! As you can see on this site: It does pay off if you were unlucky enough to end up in the wrong place – like at the “ReefviewApartments of Nick and Carole Williams in Antigua”)

So, why didn’t I fall for this?

  1. I don’t allow the “happiness hormones” to ever take over to the extend that I surrender my basic common sense. The result of extensively traveling the world is a simple credo: “Better Safe Than Sorry.” You might want to adopt that credo – ESPECIALLY if you still consider making a reservation at Reef-View-Apartments, even after checking through this website!
  2. I don’t do “short vacations”. I simply need some time to actually “arrive”, “unwind” to be able to relax and enjoy – so I consequently am making room for minimum 3 week stays wherever I go.
    And I have to admit: During the first week I too thought what a “lovely couple and great hosts” Nick and Carole are, saw everything through the same rose-colored glasses like everyone else and not even once actually checked the footage I did start to record with a number of hidden surveillance cams whenever I left the room…..
    During week two, that inexplicable strange feeling started to kick in that there is something “off”, that there is this certain smell everything fake has to it. Basically subconsciousness kicking in long before my mind started to ask the “right questions”….
    Finally, at the start of week three I decided to “waste” a couple of hours to check through the footage I had already recorded – and was appalled!
    Truly and utterly appalled!
    As, I guess, you will be too when you watch some of that footage I have published here.

So: It is easy to see why most reviews of Reef-View Apartments are so full of praise: Almost nobody ever stays long enough to reach the same point I had….

Also, Tripadvisor is not shy to stress the point, that they want Travellers to “share their positive experiences” which translates into them being more than reluctant to allow “reports of desaster” to harm one of those partners of theirs which they are making their money of. And that, one simply has to realize, are not us, the travellers, that platform pretends to be for, but rather the Hotels, Restaurants etc.

Just having a deep search on ReefviewApartments and Cottages reveals that there are other negative reports, very plausible ones, but so extremely few that, in view of the way Nick and Karoll Williams simply are like, it is more than unlikely that these were the only “negative reports” ever submitted.

Remains to be seen what will happen, if someone, who suffered at the hands of one of the businesses so cheerfully promoted by Tripadvisor, will file a claim against Tripadvisor for having surpressed negative reports and thus had actively prevented a traveller from becoming victimized.

Until then it simply is unfortunate, that still way too few tourists do protect themselves with these great little gadgets call “hidden spy cams”….

I can only give you the very good advice to google “hidden spy cams”, there are a number of websites specializing on that subject, most of these little gadgets cost less than €/$ 50 and it truly pays to get a few of those and have the peace of mind for all time to come that you wont ever again be victimized at places like Reefview Apartments!

Another Tripadvisor Review that sound’s like a “real-life” experience:
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Or check out this one: Anyone who has met Karoll will be able to know that one to be true, word for word!
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Interesting how “well hidden” the true reports about that “Psycho-Place” are. Just found another one that does sound more than a true life experience!
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….but unfortunately Tripadvisor is not too interested in publishing bad reviews, since bad reviews (no matter how true & justified) simply also are bad for their business, but in full honesty that could make Tripadvisor to be considered an “accessory to the crime” commited by one of the Hotels they spread praise for. …..Will be interesting to see what will happen if they only once do get convicted to pay for damages that happened because a traveller was NOT warned, because Tripadvisor would NOT publish information that had been submitted and has been available to them….

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