The Reefview Apartments Rip Off Schemes“Antigua Fly Fishing” (by Nick Williams)
The success of that scheme, of Nick & Carole Williams, may even be the most puzzling one: There are pages and pages of “praise” for Nick and his “Antigua Fly-Fishing” despite it being nothing more but a bad joke that should be offending to anyone taking fishing at least a somewhat serious sport.

All he offers is, to take people into a shallow, mosquito-infested “inland-lagoon”, just opposite “Darkwood Beach”.
His “Charter-Guests” are being seated in a “professional looking version” of these funny inflatable “pool-chairs” and while paddling around with some fins on their feet they cast a line to one of the few Tarpons that live in that lagoon.
(These Tarpons must be exceptional stupid fish, since every single one of those living in that lagoon, must have found itself at the wrong end of that fishing line on numerous occasions)

He propagates “environmentally friendly catch & release” – but truth be told: Tarpon may be stupid like a mile of country road, but they are inedible and all they have to speak for themselves is the fact that they are big, put up a good fight when caught and are stupid like hardly any other fish.
Nick would hate the idea of anyone communicating the fact that the harbor-basin at nearby Jolly Harbor is full-full of Tarpons (which you can easily watch when one of the “real offshore fishing boats are coming in and are cleaning their catch at the dock) and anyone with a 5 $ children’s rod can catch them there without having to pay US $ 350,00 for half a day making a fool of themselves in a “converted plastic pool-chair”.
Per Person that is, …naturally.

And while we are at “naturally”:
Does it come as a surprise to you by now, that Nick Williams despite him raking in between US $ 1,000.00 and US $ 1,400.00 every single day, does neither hold a license for this business, nor any insurance?

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