The Reefview Apartments Rip Off SchemesThe “Insurance Warning!”
I already have pointed out that Nick and Carole Williams do not carry any insurance for any of the “excursions” they are offering (not Nicks “Fly-Fishing” scheme, nor for the “Snorkeling Tours” nor for the Motoryacht (ehmm)-excursions, nor for the Sailing”yacht”-trips…..
Consequently you wont be surprised to learn that they also
do not carry any insurance whatsoever for Apartments.
Aka: Non of the stuff you are leaving behind in your room / apartment, while spending the day with “fun in the sun” is covered by any insurance.
If the place burns down (because the entire electric wiring has not been installed by a professional, and each apartment also has Gas for the stoves, etc.) or because the flimsy plumbing made by Nick himself decides to leak and soaks your stuff to death – you can expect in compensations: ZIP, zilch, zero, nada….
If you get hurt on their property, if you trip over some of the incredible amounts of junk the “Hoarder Carol” keeps all over the place all the way to if the three-story building of their private residence that is built on stilts without any(!) foundation to speak of, would decide to collapse, on you or on one of your loved ones, you’ll be stuck with all medical bills etc.
A situation which with the saying “adding injury to insult” would receive a whole new meaning…..

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