The Reefview Apartments Rip Off SchemesOther “strongly recommended excursions” (by Carole Williams)
Among those excursions “strongly recommended” by Carole and receiving a lot of advance praise by her (including her constant and nerve wrecking repeating the phrases: “you know” and “you know what I mean”) is:

  • a “guided snorkeling tour”.
    Incidentally these tours happen to be offered to the reef one would be seeing from the house – if the Reefview-Apartments would truly offer any “reef view” to speak of …and equally incidentally they happen to be conducted by Carole herself.
    Don’t let her/them push that on you.
    The reef being within reach of the property and consequently the destination for Carole’s “snorkeling tours” is rather dead -while there are quite a lot of truly magnificent reefs at other parts of Antigua – excellent guided snorkeling tours to those included (by proper, licenced, insured & more likely tax paying operators)
    While all of Carol’s tours are neither licensed nor covered by any insurance.
  • a  “fishing trip” on an “off-shore” fishing boat
    Another coincidence!
    The boat this excursion is being offered with, also belongs to Nick and Carole. Truth be told it’s just a small cabin cruiser, with it’s single, fairly old, two-stroke outboard engine everything but of “off-shore” quality.
    You wont find adequate life-jackets, yet alone a life raft, yet alone any other of form of standard safety-devices….and, almost needless to say with those two:
    No official license.
    No insurance of any kind.
  • “a day on a sailing yacht”
    Be sure that Carol will have nothing but praise for a “day in paradise” that “could not possibly be spent better than “on board of a comfortable sailing yacht cruising some of the many bays of Antigua…..”
    By now it should not come as a big surprise that the “comfortable sailing yacht” (surely nothing but just another pure coincidence) also happens to be owned by Nick and Carole.
    Many a true yachtsman might consider tagging that tiny sailing boat a “yacht” a tad presumptuous.
    I happen to be “the expert” that has worked his “behind off” to get that thing into an at least somewhat sea-safe condition (yes I know, I’m an idiot, did that during the vacation I had actually paid for myself, ….but in return for the promise of another, this time “free vacation – flights included” later this spring, ….which was canceled by Nick and Carol, once I had completed my part, for reasons of “being fully booked” – and instead of then simply paying to have me stay at some neighboring property, they resorted to libel and slander to make my staying at that place impossible.
    The terms “cheap” and “crooks” keep coming to mind whenever Nick and Carol come into play)
    Anyway: I truly am the one that should know that this “sailing yacht” really is everything but “sea-safe” if for no other reason but because Nick simply is too stingy and too greedy to invest at least enough money into it, to get the boat into an at least acceptable condition.
    Bottom line: It really is a wreck, of just some 28′ (9m), which they bought extremely cheap after it was beached, suffering some holes that were patched by Nick in the most haphazard way and that has an engine that would make every time it actually does start a truly big surprise. (See the background of the picture above: Aptly named “Illusion”.)
    No need to mention that they also do not carry any official license for their operation yet alone any insurance. (And I mean: NO insurance at all!), No working VHF, no flares, no life jackets, no life raft, no…. well, I guess you can catch my drift.

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