The Reefview Apartments Rip Off SchemesThe “Over-Provisioning-Scheme”
Nick and Caroll are truly “kind people” and will be happy to give you a free lift with one of their cars to the next Supermarket (the one in Jolly Harbor).
A fairly profitable “kindness” – in a number of ways.

  1. Being in a foreign country and consequently in a foreign Supermarket, can be a tad overwhelming. So whoever took you, will be happy to be your guide and point out all the “good quality food”, accompanied by giving you good reasons for buying not only certain quality but also quantity of food…..
  2. While you are pushing your cart thru them aisles they will politely ask you if they can add some of there own stuff to your cart, since they “might as well pick up some stuff for themselves while being there”…..
  3. There always are long lines at that Supermarket so it seems like a natural thing to put all contents of your cart on the conveyor belt and while the cashier is running the stuff thru her scanner they either will be so “submerged in a conversation with you” or resort to claiming that “darn, I forgot my wallet at home” – but in either case you’ll end up including their purchase with your bill.
  4. Upon returning to the Reefview Apartments they again will have an excuse not to immediately reimburse you for the stuff you paid for them (Carol seems not to be here / Nick seems not to be here … and she / he seems to have the wallet….yadda, yadda, yadda)
  5. Anyone with good manners will not keep going back to look them up in order to bug them for the money, but will eventually give up on those “few EC Dollars”….. and that is exactly(!) what they so professionally are counting on.
    => Eh Voila! The scheme worked again because not only did you end up paying for their groceries but eventually you’ll leave some/most of the stuff, you bought on their recommendation, behind upon your departure and you can rest assured that all of it will land in Carol’s fridge.

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