The Reefview Apartments Rip Off Schemes“The Security Deposit” Scheme:
Have you ever been asked to make a “cash security deposit” upon checking into a hotel?
Of course not!
Because that usually simply happens when you present your Credit Card at check-in to secure payment of your stay, additional orders from room-service you might make, items you take from your minibar etc.
There really is very little “risk” involved in that procedure because if a Hotel would want to make “random charges” against your Credit Card afterwards, you can easily enough object with your bank which could cause the Hotel quite a lot of headache.

Carol Williams does not offer the convenience (and that security to her guests) of accepting Credit Card payment. Thus resulting in:

  1. You have to schlepp significant amounts of cash with you to eventually settle the bill of your stay (generally not the smartest thing to do when traveling, but that’s a different story)
  2. giving Caroll a great opportunity to cheat on her taxes (which she and Nick actually arrogantly and laughingly admit to)
  3. giving the Williams’ an excuse to ask for an upfront transfer of a “security deposit” of €/$ 400.00 (no less! – even so they don’t offer “room service” or a “mini-bar” etc.) to her Antigua bank-account
  4. “Of course” Carol demands “payment in full” for the entire stay upon you checking in (which in itself actually is an insulting vote of no-confidence) but has the “benefit” for Carol that obviously most people tend to forget about their “security deposit” at the time of departure – and even if they do, there are reports with platforms like tripadvisor that in such cases Caroll does seek refuge in making absurd claims for “damages” and refuses to make a (full) refund.

But, most of the time that trick seems to work, most people obviously do forget about their “security deposit” as I found out myself when asking two guests leaving during my last week (my own common sense already was back in working order) if they had collected their “security deposit”.
Both actually had forgotten about it, went to see “Reefview Carole” for the money and I did hear some quarreling ensuing from within Carol’s kitchen. I believe some of the departing guests were struck with the “bad luck”, that for some strange reason Carol’s car suddenly did “refuse to start” – so they had to grab a Taxi for the ride back to the airport.

I honestly wonder why not even people who have suffered such foul play would turn to write appropriate reviews at Tripadvisor etc. Maybe it’s a form of “self-protection” not allowing ones own vacation to end on a lasting note of annoyance that might taint the value of the (imagined) “positive over-all-experience”?
But, despite everything, to actually write “positive reports”?
As in: “Thats a good trick to convince myself, that Carole has not been annoying, the property in reality is not a “Hoarder’s dump”, the promises as to the i.e. “proximity to the sea” and/or “grand vistas” etc. had not turned out to be bold lies, the vacation has not actually been salvaged only be the fact that Antigua itself simply is great…..”??!

Update 03/08/2016: A careful and in depth examination of the “raving positive reviews” found at Tripadvisor across all their 100’s of websites, conducted by a linguist expert, has revealed, that most likely most of the “different reviews” have been written by the same person!
With Tripadvisor logging their visitors IP’s it is hard to believe that they don’t know that most of the positive reviews of at least Reefview-Apartments simply are fake!

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