The Reefview Apartments Rip Off SchemesFact 1: Antigua is an island.
Fact 2: Everything needed has to be imported
Fact 3: Imports by sea, yet alone air, end up being expensive.

So far, so good, so logical.

Nick and “Kalipso Karoll” Williams of their “Reefview Apartments and Cottages” in Cades Bay, Antigua have converted these 3 facts into yet another one of their “nice schemes” for additionally ripping off their guests.
And the way that one works, is like this:

(a) After initial contact has been made by you, the traveler in need of vacation and accommodation, Carole does strike up a really nice conversation.

(b) Once you feel really “welcome” and actually almost as if you would have found a “new friend” (har-har-har) Carol will slowly introduce you to the above mentioned “3 facts”.

(c) I guess most people with any decent upbringing will come up with the offer themselves and ask:
“Is there anything I could bring you…..?”
And if you don’t ask? Don’t worry, Carol will find a way to introduce you to her wants and needs! 🙂

(d) Aaaaand: You went for the trap!
Because you would not believe how quickly you’ll get the response:
“Well, actually, since you are asking, it really would be great if you could……”
……and that will be followed by and amazingly detailed list of stuff they actually need imported (past Antigua Customs of course!)

(e) Next you will find yourself actually rather busy trying to find all the stuff, order it from the internet, get it shipped to your place in time for departure, schlepp it in your luggage to the airport at your end of the world, schlepp it thru the airport once landed in ANU, lie to Antigua Custom Officials when asked if you had anything to declare, and hand-deliver it to Carol and/or Nick

(f) Oh! you will be SHOWERED with praise and thanks …. and all that “showering” will make it sort of feel “awkward” to actually ask to be paid! So chances are, that you wont, that you will file it away as a “hospitality gift” …..AND:

(g) in that very moment of your decision to file it away as a “hospitality gift” that particular scheme has worked again!
Nick and Carol not only did not have to pay the (naturally) higher Antigua prices for stuff they want or need – nope, they even ended up getting it not only “hand delivered” but actually for free!

What a cool scheme!
(Oh, and if you fell for it. Don’t worry, you are not alone! It’s more like “Welcome to the Club”)

By the way: We are not necessarily talking about some “small things”. I happen to know that Nick just recently got two big and expensive fishing rods “delivered” that way – and even a fairly huge “electric outboard engine” a guest did smuggle for him declared as “Golf-Luggage”!

Do you have to take only my word for this?
Nope! Even so Tripadvisor is literally “going out of their way” to actively hide this review, I did find it eventually and it proves that I by far am not the only one who fell for that trap and scheme:
But read for yourself!

(Oh, and yes, I can absolutely! relate to the tale told by these guests…)

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