Carole Williams, owner and operator of Reefview Apartments in Antigua, is everything BUT a "nice old lady"UPDATE: 20.03.2016
Nick has tried very hard to convince youtube and vimeo to delete our account in an attempt to suppress the evidence against him and his wife committing crimes being publicly available.
Both (Youtube and Vimeo) have declined his request after reviewing the videos in question because it is obvious that this information, this evidence is of vital importance to the very same public those two are recruiting their unsuspecting victims from. The international community of travelers….and especially Tourists, regular people who are also most vulnerable during that very special time of the year, their most precious weeks, their VACATION!, do have, YOU HAVE a right to be informed!
But – just to make sure that Nick will not succeed to suppress the evidence against him and his wife – we will upload the video-footage, the evidence of their crimes, to a greater number of websites and servers to ensure that all of Nick’s attempts will remain fruitless until the Authorities in Antigua have taken care of those two and shut their place, which they are operating without licence, without insurance, without paying any taxes DOWN FOR GOOD!

Now, back to the actual text of this post….
When staying at regular Hotels we all are aware, that the staff, most of all the cleaning crews, do enter our rooms during our absence.
We can live with that, basically counting on the Hotel keeping a close eye on these crews, counting on them being professionals who will not snoop around in our personal belongings or pry on our sensitive information – yet alone steal stuff of ours ……

For the protection of your true valuables, money, documents etc., every decent Hotel will provide you with a safe so that you don’t have to solely rely on the professionalism and decency of the staff and can leave the Hotel with some peace of mind…..

Well, – none of that is necessary at a place offering only “Self Catering Apartments”?
They don’t offer any kind of “cleaning service” and therefor there is no need – nor legitimation – for neither staff nor propriator to ever enter your “private Apartment” during your absence.

Self-Catering-Apartments do suffer from a fast range of disadvantages if compared to Hotels, that would at least provide you with Breakfast and daily cleaning – but in return they do provide you with more of an “home away from home”-feeling.
And if you’d come home, wherever you are at home, and you’d catch your landlord inside your apartment, with his fingers (and eyes) in your most personal affairs – you’d probably be screaming your head off – and rightfully so!

Consequently you can expect the same protection of and respect for your privacy in one of these “Self-Catering” & “Home away from Home” Apartments?

But even in a Hotel;
How would you like to become a witness to a situation where the staff simply is taking other guests, aka “total strangers without even any obligation for loyalty to their employer” for a tour of your room during your absence?

Well: Continue with the following “6 Videos”, which I myself would find hard to believe if I would not have recorded them on camera, to find out how this matter is being handled by the

Reefview Apartments, Antigua, W.I.
(owned & operated by Nick and Carole Williams)

Please select from the drop-down menu above, one of the following:
(All videos are being accompanied by additional narration from me)

Video 1: Carole Williams “touring” the apartment of an other guest while that guest is out for the day. Shameless and shocking violation of privacy (and decency)!

Video 2: Carole Williams entering a guest’s apartment during his absence and is snooping thru his stuff. Without cause nor authorization from (yet alone knowledge of) said guest.
Even more shocking!

Video 3: Nick Williams also entering a guest’s apartment during the absence of said guest, snooping around, looking at stuff, checking if he can help himself to the one or other free cigarette. Not much better than his wife…. (Again: No cause, No authorization)

Video 4: Nick Williams explaining what business he had after he learned that he had been caught on surveillance cameras.

Video 5: Carole Williams not only “simply” invading and violating a guest’s privacy, but actually taking things a step further and steeling personal, highly confidential, financial data of the guest in residence.

Video 6: The reaction of Nick Williams upon learning that his wife has been caught multiple times invading a guests apartment and privacy, without authorization, reason or cause as well as also when stealing from the guests.

The thing that is even more “strange”, if not to say absurd, than the criminal activities that seem to be “normal” at ReefviewApartments and Cottages in Cades Bay, St.Marys Parish, St.Johns, Antigua and Barbuda are the reactions of platforms like
Lonely Planet

Despite the iron-clad proof (how much more “iron clad” can it get, than with Videos to prove it?) they ALL refuse to publish our warnings to fellow travelers!
In my personal opinion that does make them “Accessories to the Crimes” committed by Nick and Carole Williams at ReefviewApartments and I sure hope that eventually some guest who also becomes victimized at ReefviewApartments in Antigua will actually hold Tripadvisor and Co liable for having suppressed the warnings available to them since this website has been made.

Quite obviously Tripadvisor, VRBO & Co have decided to only publish “praise” therefor deliberately betraying the trust they wish to evoke from travelers to be finding a genuine representation of what other travelers have found when staying at all these different locations.
(Hopefully most NOT as bad as ReefviewApartments, Antigua!)

That DOES make them liable for any damages anyone might suffer – especially at ReefviewApartments, since here the WARNINGS and the untainted EVIDENCE had been available since February 2016 (with this website they all had been informed of by me, which I am willing to testify to any time.)

After returning from what was intended a “vacation”! (and really turned out a nightmare, thanks to “aggressively sweet” Carole and all the criminal energy she and her husband Nick have been displaying) we found so much more footage of what I can only call “the insane couple” that we will upload even more evidence aka video-footage as time goes by.
So stay tuned, to see what Tripadvisor (just like VRBO and many – if not all(?!)- others, just another disguise for deems to be:
“Irrelevant to the traveling community of the world”…..
(Well all of this should really at least open your eyes on how Tripadvisor/VRBO/Homeaway has taken an entire industry hostage. Unnoticed by most of us…..)