The crimes of Carole Williams captured on surveillance videoInvading someone’s privacy, entering a premises without the “current owner / aka tenant” having consented nor being present, (other than in a case of emergency), according to my knowledge does constitute a misdemeanor crime in the USA. It still is “illegal breaking and entering” – even if someone does have a key (albeit no authorization) to enter such premises.
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Well, have a look how these people at Reefview Apartments in Antigua, this Carole Williams does handle that question….. and you’ll see that I do have every right to call Carole Williams a criminal!

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The video is also hosted on our own server and two further locations, so should Nick manage to bring this one down, we’ll just replace the links and you will be able to watch the crimes committed by Carol never the less! 

The Lady in the red bathrobe actually is another guest from Canada that had been staying at the Reefview Apartments for a few days at the same time when I had been there for 3 weeks.
Consequently the “little fat one”, that you can see, is Carole Williams, the owner of that place. (together with her husband Nick, whom you’ll meet in one of the next videos….. )

I found it quite interesting that Carole somehow did manage to get that very guest to help her clean the (my, I had to move apartments for my last night – as I had to at an other previous occasion…. also not “very professional”, to say the least) apartment in the morning of Sunday January 31st 2016

They moved in, while I had been taking out my garbage and when I did return to pick up my luggage, Carole actually had the audacity to ridicule me in front of that Canadian guest/ housekeeping help. She said: “Well you know, Peter used to have Cameras all over the place here and has us on record when I showed you the apartment….”
(The “tone” of Carol said: “Here is the prick that is spying on us innocent ladies!”)

I choose to ignore Carole and simply asked the Canadian woman if she would be thrilled to learn that her privacy had been invaded, that someone not in the least authorized had been snooping around in her room – yet alone brought strangers along?

I did not get any answer.
Which to me really is answer enough.
(Ma’m, …if you are reading this: Shame on you! Apologies may no longer seem to be “in fashion” but it would not have hurt you, to at least apologize for your part in that intrusion.
Even if Carole had offered that “tour” to you – you made the impression of a well traveled and well mannered person to me, who -without a doubt- at least at some point in your life have learned to differ right from wrong. And you not only knew at that time that I was still staying in that Apartment, it also was very obvious since all my stuff was laying around liberally -and- that I, equally obviously, was not in.)