The crimes of Carole Williams captured on surveillance videoWhile the first intrusion into the privacy of my apartment I have shown you above, at least was in the company of some (hopefully “random”) guest, making that intrusion a comparably “harmless” one, since the situation really did not lend itself to committing further crimes.

One could argue that the violation of my privacy, I have shown you in “Video 1”, really was “nothing more” than, hmm, lets say, a case of “disrespectful misconduct”, maybe nothing but a “lack of manners and/or decency”…. and does not justify to breath as hard down on their necks as I am doing with this website?

Hmm, you could be right ….. well, in that case let’s see what you have to say after watching this one:

This video is hosted on our own server and two further locations, since Nick Williams has “worked” so hard to make youtube and vimeo remove the evidence for the crimes habitually committed by his wife and himself (Fool! Well, what do you expect from criminials like them? Of course we will keep publishing the information we have, we will continue to prss charges against them and we will not stop prior to them being either in jail (where they both belong) or have left the wonderful Island of Antigua without causing the great local people any further harm!)

Entering a (single/male) guest’s apartment, in his absence in your underwear? WTF?!

…..but then: Staying! Because the first thing Carol clearly did was to switch off the ceiling-van. (Which is her “official excuse”, her “smoke screen” to enter the apartments of her guests)

And: Leisurely and methodically going thru my personal things on the table, checking every single one of the receipts for my purchases I had made on the island, pulling out and reading letters (containing very! personal and confidential financial information!) should make your “hair stand vertically!”
It sure did blow my mind when I first saw that footage.

But also do take a close look at her demeanor.
Does not really look like this would be an “unusual occasion” ….as if it would be something she “normally would never ever do” … if she had the slightest understanding (yet alone any feelings of remorse!) that what she was doing to be quite serious a crime.

Carol’s entire demeanor and body-language clearly is saying that to be part of her daily round through all her guest’s-apartments.
Wouldn’t you agree?