The crimes of Carole Williams captured on surveillance video

“Well” you might be tempted to say, the generous and forgiving human being you are:

“as far as Carole is concerned, it’s just an old lady snooping around….. so what?”

Hmm, ok, well, let’s see if you still are thinking that way, once you saw this video-evidence:

This video is hosted on our own server and two further locations, since Nick Williams has “worked” so hard to make youtube and vimeo remove the evidence for the crimes habitually committed by his wife and himself (Fool! Well, what do you expect from criminials like them? Of course we will keep publishing the information we have, we will continue to press charges against them and we will not stop prior to them being either in jail (where they both belong) or have left the wonderful Island of Antigua without causing the great local people any further harm!)

This part actually did make the difference between the way I usually deal with any kind of wrongs or transgressions.

I am one of these suckers who always start out by making up excuses for those who really should come up with their own “excuses”, am trying to cough up “special circumstances” they might have been in, and always tend to rather down-play single events than risking that emotions might blow them “out of proportion”….

But this?
With this video we can witness the cool, calculated, and fairly obviously habitual committing of a crime!

The pictures, Carole has been taking, were of the letters I had received from my Credit-Card company (who had replaced my Credit Card during my stay in Antigua for different reasons) containing extra-sensitive information like the PIN and PUK codes.

Not knowing if it is the same system with US-Credit Cards: These codes can be used, together with the CC-Number (also contained in these letters) to withdraw cash, order stuff online even from the most secure websites etc.

Unless you’d have the intention, even if “only remotely” to abuse that information to commit further crimes, there absolutely, 100% is NO REASON why you’d even could ever justify having any interest in them, yet alone “record them for future reference”.

And Carole KNEW EXACTLY that what she was doing was WRONG, a CRIME!
Just pay attention to when she has just finished taking a picture of the first letter.
Something distracts her.
Obviously some sound from outside.
Am I returning early?
Not wanting to take any further chances she quickly abandons her “photo-session”, makes her mobile-phone disappear back into her pockets, rearranges the documents in roughly the way they were and rushes off to “busy herself” with the “switching off of also the bedroom ceiling-van” – which after all seems to be her cover-story if ever getting caught in the act.

Carole is 60.
She never thought about those nifty little covert surveillance cameras one nowadays can buy so cheap …plus, I am pretty sure that she was convinced that all her babbling, all her pretending to be just a “sweet nice lady” and “dedicated host” focused on making her guest’s stay a “memorable one” would always be enough to keep her guest’s “lulled into that false sense of security” not to become suspicious…..

Well, that -rather obviously- did not work with me.