The crimes of Carole Williams captured on surveillance videoMaybe you are asking yourself now, why I am publishing a website about these two people without having spoken to them, without having given them the chance to defend themselves, to “explain”….

But of course I did! I actually gave them every chance to get out of this easy enough.

My “terms” were:
=> An honest(!) apology,
=> an explanation for the inexplicable,
=> and the firm promise for nothing like that to ever happen again.

For that I did approach Nick, whom I thought to be the more reasonable one (I no longer do) the one who’d understand and not immediately switch into “brain-dead-counter-attacking”-mode.
I did have a long conversation with him, almost 2 hours, calm, quiet, reasonable – and at first I thought his reactions to be “appropriate”.
But see for yourself:

Also available at:
The video is also hosted on our own server and two further locations, so should Nick manage to bring this one down, we’ll just replace the links and you will be able to watch the crimes committed by Carol never the less!

Unfortunately I had to come to realize that all he was doing was “buying time”. My departure from Antigua was imminent and he obviously was hoping by not living up to an other deal we had made on a different issue, he could prevent me from returning to Antigua and that they could put me “out of mind” once I was “out of sight”.

An you know what?
If it was not for my truly wonderful friends in Antigua who persuaded me not to let them get away with this, I would have said: “F*** it”.
But these friends of mine do understand that people like Nick and Carole are an incredible threat to the most important source of income to Antigua, the tourism, a threat to the livelihood of so many good people working their behinds off, day after day, to keep their guests happy… and coming.
And that they did point out to me.

So, yes:
I will return to Antigua. (Pretty soon actually)
I will file criminal charges against Nick & Carole Williams
I will also file a case for compensation with the civil court system – but not to fill my own pockets!
So I am declaring my commitment, right here and right now, that any amount that I might be awarded by an Antiguan Court of Law will be donated to benefit the children and less fortunate people of Antigua.
The way I see it, the world in General and the Caribbean in particular has suffered enough at the hand of shrewd “white supremacist racists” like Nick and Carole Williams and all the crookedness that seems to always come with that lot.

The way I see Carole now, she will be fighting this with all she can come up with – actually she already has started when calling up a lady I had planned to rent the apartment from for my next visit and telling her (“totally selflessly” of course!) a huge bunch of defamatory lies about me.
Carol consequently will come up with the most absurd “reasons” why she “needed that information” to “protect herself” etc., bla, bla, bla….
But: Let’s not forget that at Reefview Apartments, despite the literally “Millions of $ in Profits” they must have been raking in with their various operations over the last couple of years, they do not accept Credit Cards, have no “merchant account” etc. but insist on collecting every single payment in “Cash only”.
That system is risky and rather inconvenient for any experienced traveler, but quite obviously has one great advantage (for Carole of course): It sure does help to be “creative” with your taxes – I would imagine.
“Once a Crook – Always a Crook”

But that, of course, is neither your nor my problem….. but the fact that Nick and Carole Williams obviously are so comfortable with crossing any and all borders of decency, legality, respect, etc. while managing to maintain this front of the “ever friendly and likable host-couple whose top-priority is to making your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible…..” ( © Nick & Carole Williams about Nick & Carole Williams), is – or should be – a major reason for concern.

So when my good friends convinced me to go ahead with “bringing that lot down” it really was because that old sentence kept popping up in my head:
“Evil does not prevail in this world of ours, because evil would be so strong, yet alone invincible, – but because the Good is not fighting it hard enough.”

As far as you are concerned:
I would hope that you found this website while researching options for your stay in Antigua.
Judge what you found for yourself and in the least it should allow you to now make an “educated decision” if you really want to take your chances at Reefview Apartments with Nick and Carole Williams?